V3011 Series Network Digital Video Recorder
Infinova's V3011 series Network Digital Video Recorder records a full motion (30 fps), high-resolution video (part channels up to 4-CIF) and audio (G.722) simultaneously on up to 16 inputs (2 channels for looping models). With a maximum of 8 affordable internal hard disks, very large local storage capacities (up to 8 TB) can be supported. An external disk expands via USB or SATA interface. High performance (H.264) hardware video encoders guarantee very high quality images with low storage requirements. The on-screen display (OSD) allows full programming and is easy to use. Two independent monitor outputs provide superior viewing options. The main output supports simultaneous VGA (up to 1024 x 768) and Composite (NTSC/PAL) signals. A second independent spot output provides additional versatile viewing options (for SATA models). The V3011 series DVRs automatically archive to the network PC storage when scheduled or on an alarmed event.

Infinova's V3011 series Network Digital Video Recorder can be remotely accessed through either a Local Area Network (LAN) or via a built-in web server. Dual Stream video encoding allows for low bitrate viewing.

Infinova's V3011 series Network Digital Video Recorder utilizes an embedded processor and embedded operating system for the highest possible reliability. The V3011 series DVRs function as both a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and a Digital Video Server (DVS). All Infinova DVRs feature real-time hardware encoding of video and audio signals, local hard drive recording, real-time video/audio preview, video/audio switching functions, local recorded video file playback, real-time network transmission, remote file playback, scheduled download to a video server, or large-scale video storage unit for archiving.
  • Up to 16 Video/Audio Inputs (2 audio inputs for looping models)
  • Main Monitor Output (1 channel VGA & 1 channel Composite Video)
  • Up to 16 video looping outputs (for looping models)
  • Auxiliary Monitor Output (Composite Video)
  • 2 audio outputs (main and auxiliary respectively)
  • H.264 video and G.722 audio encoding technology
  • Part 4 CIF at 30 fps. 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF per input available
  • Up to 16 alarm inputs and 4 relay outputs
  • PTZ Control
  • NTSC/PAL supported
  • Up to 8 internal hard disks
  • 1 External SATA Interface for storage
  • 1 USB Port
  • Full Featured Keyboard Available
  • Internal DVD writer (optional)
  • Privacy masks and multi-area motion detection
  • Video mask, video lost, motion detection, associated alarm
  • Provide monitor alarm, audio alarm, upload control center, trigger alarm out
  • Manual record, timing record, motion detect record, alarm input record
  • Alarm pre-record and alarm delay functionality
  • Adjustment of resolution, code flow, frame rate and image quality
  • Video authentication watermark technology
  • Search the record files according to the time, channel number, record type, support forward, backward, frame play mode
  • Simultaneously records, transmits and displays live video while searching for and archiving video
  • TCP/IP, UDP, PPPoE, DHCP, PPP etc.
  • Standard mouse supported for Embedded GUI
  • Bi-directional audio between the monitoring center and the local site (intercom)
  • Multiple levels of access with password login
  • Downloadable upgrades for products updating through USB
  • Full featured client software and web browser interface included