Over 1300 Infinova Cameras and 80 DVRs Help Protect Kuwait Finance House

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Large Multi-National Bank Spans 46 Locations in 4 Countries; Latest Implementation Includes IP Cameras

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ - July 28, 2010 - Infinova today announced that all transactions and activities in each location of the Kuwait Finance House bank are under the surveillance of Infinova indoor/outdoor, infrared, minidome and PTZ dome cameras. Video is recorded in continuous mode with Infinova high-definition H.264 DVRs. Kuwait Finance House, headquartered in Kuwait City with international operations in Bahrain, Malaysia and Turkey, is using over 1,300 Infinova high-resolution fixed and PTZ dome cameras plus 80 Infinova DVRs to watch over its 46 locations. In the bank's new administration building, the organization is migrating to Infinova megapixel cameras and NVR software.

"Kuwait Finance House is continually expanding, often opening new branches in remote areas,"reports Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing. "Due to the modular design and flexibility of Infinova surveillance products, these new branches can be directly added to the existing system quickly and efficiently."

Each Kuwait Finance House branch deploys 32 to 48 Infinova cameras. Infinova DVRs are connected to the central control room located at the home office via a 512 Mbps DSL line and monitored by security personnel using Infinova remote client software. Recorded images are verified and produced upon request.

Infinova mobile DVRs are used for the bank's mobile branches which are set up in vans containing an ATM and other banking services. Each mobile branch uses between four to six Infinova cameras which record on a continuous mode on Infinova mobile DVRs. Removable hard disks are copied to central storage once the disk is full.

At the new administrative building, Kuwait Finance House has implemented 45 Infinova megapixel cameras and NVR software plus a storage capacity of 9TB.

More information on Infinova video surveillance solutions is available at www.infinova.com.

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