V2040 Series TCP/IP Networkable Video Matrix Switcher
Infinova’s V2040 video matrix switcher features comprehensive functions for any security surveillance system. They have pre-configuration to assure the highest level of reliability, and open architecture for ease of installation, operation and expansion. The V2040 series represents the peak of video matrix switching technology while remaining a highly cost effective solution. Utilizing microprocessor technology, the V2040 series can provide automated electronic surveillance or it can allow a single user to control an entire CCTV system of up to 1024 video inputs by 128 video outputs. In an automated environment, the user can pre-define up to 64 system tours, 64 salvos, 35 event timers, 5 alarm display modes and 3 alarm clearance modes to be performed separately on individual monitors. For maximum security, an available video-looping module provides an extension of the original video for output to a DVR or other recording device. The V2040 series communicates with controllers or PCs via either RS-232 data or TCP/IP protocols. An entire system of up to 64 nodes can be networked and controlled from one main station via TCP/IP protocols. In order to allow for Ethernet control and networking the V2040N comes with an external CPU. Infinova’s V2040N series is also compatible with Infinova’s smaller-scale networking video matrix switchers, including V2011N, V2015N and V2020N. An optional CPU featuring an integrated network video server for video over IP is also available. Windows-based system setup software simplifies the initial setup procedure as well as ongoing maintenance of system parameters. Available GUI software further simplifies the system operation by the utilization of an on-screen system keyboard which is a fully functional representation of Infinova’s V2117. Users can be defined at different levels of administration to further enhance the security of the system.
  • Up to 1024 video inputs by 128 video outputs
  • TCP/IP network able up to 64 nodes; compatible with other TCP/IP network able switchers, V2011N, V2015N, and V2020N
  • External CPU with optional “Hot Switch”
  • Video over IP with PTZ controls (optional)
  • Scalable high density architecture for easy expansion
  • Windows-based multimedia management software
  • Control of fixed or variable speed pan/tilt and dome cameras operating on Manchester, or RS-485 PTZ protocols.
  • Available Internal video loss detection and video looping
  • 10 flexible RS-232 ports, expandable to 40 using V2405-4
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • 64 tours, 64 salvos and 35 event timers
  • Automatic alarm call-up, up to 1,024 alarm inputs
  • Alarm transferred via Ethernet to remote Ethernet Matrix or computer
  • 5 alarm display modes and 3 clearance methods
  • Up to 64 switcher nodes can be inter-connected in one network
  • Internal system partition including input-to-output display; keyboard-to-input display; keyboard-to-input control