Infinova' s Kuwait International Airport Surveillance Solution Handles MultIPle Security Authority' S Demands

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Installing separate, dedicated systems for each user would have been cost-prohibitive, wasteful and impractical

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ - April 22, 2010 - Infinova today announced that Infinova's Ethernet networking video matrix switchers with a Video-over-IP (VOIP) option allows the surveillance system at Kuwait International Airport to meet the demands of three individual security authorities. The system includes a combination of 130 Infinova PTZ dome cameras, mini domes and fixed cameras.

The Asset Protection Department has the most encompassing responsibilities and requirements and, therefore, has priority over all cameras and networked matrix switchers. The Ministry of Interior has secondary priority over certain cameras in the system. The Civil Aviation authority has secondary priority over other cameras. Three matrix switchers control groups of cameras in the main terminal, while a fourth matrix switcher, managed exclusively by the Asset Protection Department, controls cameras in the VIP Center.

"In an installation as complex as the typical airport, there are often several different video surveillance users, each with their own priorities and requirements," explains Mark W. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing. "Installing separate, dedicated systems for each user can be cost prohibitive, wasteful and often impractical. Designing a system that simultaneously meets the requirements of all of those various users requires components that are flexible and versatile."

Because Infinova's matrix switchers are Ethernet networked right out of the box, building these separately controlled groups of cameras into one cohesive system was relatively easy and cost-effective. Through the main matrix switcher, the Asset Protection Department can select, view and PTZ control not only the cameras directly controlled by that switcher, but the cameras controlled by the other three switchers as well.

In addition, the Video-over-IP feature used in conjunction with Infinova's Infinet™ client software, allows camera selection, viewing of MPEG4 digitized video, and control of PTZ functions over the network from work stations via the software's virtual keyboard. Each matrix switcher provides outputs to monitors as well as Infinova VIP video codec servers. All priorities for camera control and viewing are easily programmable via the matrix switcher software so that each security authority has exactly the camera access and priority required. Fiber optic Ethernet transceivers interconnect the video matrix switchers.

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