V1740A Series Outdoor in-Ceiling and Bracket Mount PTZ Domes
Infinova's V1740A series represents a state-of-the-art line of outdoor, in-Ceiling and Bracket mount Pan, Tilt, Zoom Dome cameras. This leading PTZ dome system is an ideal product for the changing environment that is today's security industry.

Infinova's V1740A series PTZ domes are available as18X12, 22X12, 23X12, 26X12, 35X12 and 36 X12 optical/ digital zoom, ensuring their ability to find the right camera for their project. Digital Signal Processing technology provides enhanced clarity, color and detail. With the day/night camera, usable images can be delivered even in extremely low light conditions. Separate definable privacy zones can be set by administrators to prevent users from viewing restricted areas. The PTZ dome's direction indicators; which can be displayed on the monitor, denote the direction in which it is moving.

The internal multi-protocol receiver allows these domes to be compatible with control site equipment from Infinova, such as the V2109 and V2117 keyboards, and Infinova matrix switchers; as well as equipment from 3rd party manufacturers. Infinova Domes feature built-in memory to store camera and dome settings, including labels, presets, patterns, and zones. These settings are automatically downloaded if a new dome drive is installed.

Password protection prevents unauthorized users from changing the system setup, as well as other sensitive PTZ dome settings. The PTZ dome's "Home Position" feature allows users to establish a default view or pattern for the PTZ dome when it is not being controlled. The digital slow shutter (D.S.S.) allows a long exposure time of 1/2 second, providing a higher sensitivity and minimum illumination of only 0.03 lux (color, 1/2 s). Color data is captured and stored by the PTZ dome, allowing a user to see things that are typically not visible when using a standard color video camera.

Infinova's variable speed capabilities range from a smooth, fast pan motion of 240° (200° for 35X and 36X) per second to a low speed of 0.5° per second. The system is capable of 360° rotation and has an "auto flip" feature that allows the camera to rotate 180° and reposition itself for uninterrupted viewing of any subject that passes directly beneath the PTZ dome.
  • Advanced 1/4" CCD camera
  • >480 lines of resolution
  • 18X12, 22X12, 23X12, 26X12, 35X12 and 36 X12 zoom available
  • Image Stabilization on 35X model
  • Up to 128 presets with 16 characters each
  • Auto Iris (AI), Auto Focus (AF), Back Light Compensation (BLC)
  • Wide dynamic range on the 23X, 35X and 36X model
  • Proportional high-speed pan/tilt and automatic flip
  • Housing features built-in non-volatile memory for automatic download o new camera
  • Password protection
  • Up to 24 advanced spherical privacy zones
  • 16 video blanking sectors
  • 4 programmable patterns
  • Automatic home position
  • Internal multi-protocol receiver/driver
  • PTZ Data including RS-422 and RS-485
  • 4 alarm inputs with programmable output
  • Built-in surge and lightning protection
  • Anti-ice / Anti-mist, built-in heater and air circulating system available
  • Easy to install with quick and simple electrical connections
  • Exceeds IP66 and NEMA 4X Specifications
  • Ruggedized option available (polycarbonate)