Как осуществить переход с аналогового оборудования на IP

Как осуществить переход с аналогового оборудования на IP

18 марта 2010 г., 13:00 – 14:00, часовой пояс восточной части США


Г-н Louis A. Noriega, директор отдела информационных систем Морского департамента Miami-Dade рассказывает о системах Infinova и NICE и о решении перевести системы безопасности и видеонаблюдения на IP технологии. Многие руководители служб безопасности задаются вопросом, стоит ли.

Many security managers today are facing the quetion should we migrate to IP? The simple answer is YES, but in a cost-managed way that extends the life of existing equipment. You and your colleagues know you\'ll migrate to IP but the challenge is in how to do it. Of course - how quickly, how far - all depends on your specifics. For most sites, this migration will take place gradually; and, during the process, analog and IP solutions will coexist, in some cases for many years to come.

The discussion presents a commonsense guide for chief security officers (CSOs), directors and consultants on how to reduce costs and extend the life of existing surveillance equipment when migrating from analog to IP surveillance. The panelists discuss a systematic approach that covers:

  • Determine what surveillance needs to do
  • Prioritize risks and vulnerabilities
  • Selecting a migration strategy and technology to fit those real-life needs
Speakers will participate in a live Q&A.

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View the webcast here

Louis A. Noriega
Chief, Information Systems
Miami-Dade County Seaport Dept.

Mark S. Wilson
Vice President, Marketing

Dr. Bob Banerjee
Senior Director of Training and Development
NICE Systems\' Security Division

  • Chicago,IL Apr-12,11
  • Union City, CA Feb-22,11
  • Miami, FL Mar-03,11
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