Уникальное сосуществование V2216 и системы голосового опознания получает награду 2010 Accolade от Американского общества по информатике

unique v2216 coexistence vms,asis international 2010 accolades winner

Lets New IP Cameras Be Managed by Already-Installed Analog Control System

ASIS International 2010 Accolades Winner

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ - October 12, 2010 - Dr. Jeffrey Liu, Infinova president, and Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing, today were presented an ASIS International 2010 Accolades Award for Infinova's V2216 Video Management System (VMS) as one of the security industry's most innovative new products, services and/or solutions of the past year. The V2216 VMS lets IP and analog cameras and equipment coexist. Existing analog control room equipment remains untouched and users do not need encoders attached to the analog cameras to use both their older analog equipment and their new IP cameras. That is because the V2216 VMS integrates with the present keyboard to manage the IP equipment using the already-installed analog control system.

"This year's program was very competitive, as entrants continue to push the envelope in their respective disciplines," acknowledged Accolades Co-Chair Ron Lander, CPP. "In particular, video surveillance performance is advancing at a rapid pace, offering enhanced analytics functionality and better resolution."

"It's this trend that has made the V2216 so valuable to Infinova integrators and their customers," emphasizes Wilson. "With the system, organizations wanting to migrate to IP video no longer need to convert analog signals to digital signals by buying and installing rack encoders for their analog cameras. Customers can extend the life of their existing analog equipment by having it coexist with their new IP video equipment, yet control both with the V2216 VMS. They can begin using an IP solution simply by adding IP cameras, digital monitors and the V2216 VMS. Not having to scrap existing control room equipment becomes especially important in the current business environment."

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