Система видеонаблюдения Infinova на страже знаменитого культурного центра на шанхайской всемирной выставке WorldExpo

The Shanghai World Expo Culture Center features multiple models of Infinova cameras plus Infinova fiber optic modems and large-scale matrix switcher.

Solution: Infinova cameras, fiber optic modems and large-scale matrix switcher.


The Shanghai WorldExpo Culture Center, shaped like a flying saucer (the "spaceship") and one of the Shanghai's new iconic buildings, is using Infinova cameras, modems and matrix switcher to provide security for the multiple six-story facilities that make up the complex, including an 18,000 seat theater.

This is yet another Infinova installation at a prominent public facility, others include the Asian Games in Guangzhou and the Ertan hydroelectric Dam where Infinova is protecting people and property.

At the WorldExpo Culture Center, Infinova cameras are installed at entrances and exits, garages, fire control passages, stairways, control rooms, elevators, elevator halls and other important areas. Infinova V1025 fixed color cameras and V5411 minidome cameras are installed at indoor passages and halls. Areas with lighting fluctuations, such as the entrance and exit are installed with Infinova V1033 wide dynamic range (WDR) day/night cameras.

Infinova V1728 and V1748 speed dome cameras are also installed at other important areas. All cameras are configured with auto iris lenses. Video signals are managed at the control center, providing forensic image information for evidence recording and transmission. The system will automatically and dynamically adjust camera angles and select the most effective view and display.

Since the WorldExpo Culture Center site is expansive, distances between some cameras to the control center is far longer than standard coaxial cable can effectively handle. For transmission beyond 500 meters, Infinova N3759 Fiber Optic modems are deployed with signals from the cameras being transmitted to the control room via fiber.

The control center features an Infinova V2060 large-scale matrix switcher which supports up to 4096 x 512 channels. WorldExpo Culture Center security personnel can predefine tours, time events and set alarm displays. Operators can view all parts of the Center from the control room and respond quickly in case of an event.

With so many cameras deployed, it is impossible to display real-time video images for all cameras simultaneously in the control center. Instead, when an alarm occurs, an alarm handling routine is triggered and the matrix switcher calls the live video from the camera that triggered the incident and displays this on the monitor. Using this solution the video surveillance system can manage alarms from multiple inputs including the burglar alarm, access control and parking lot management systems.

With solutions that enable end-users to extend the life of their existing analog equipment by having it co-exist with their new IP video equipment, Infinova provides core equipment for video control rooms, megapixel, IP and analog surveillance cameras, specialized cameras, fiber optic communications products and customized systems. Infinova is acknowledged for its exceptional customer service programs as "the integrator's manufacturer."

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  • Union City, CA Feb-22,11
  • Miami, FL Mar-03,11
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