Камеры и матричные коммутаторы Infinova помогают защитить Комплекс НИОКР Shanghui City в Шанхае

IP cameras,analog cameras,matrix switchers
Multiple models of Infinova IP and analog cameras and matrix switchers create a coexistent surveillance solution for a 750,000 square foot R&D facility\"\\"Shanghai\"
Solution: Infinova IP and analog cameras and matrix switchers

Multiple models of its IP and analog cameras, along with its matrix switchers, are providing a coexistent surveillance solution for a major R&D complex, the Shanghui City Industrial Building, in the Baoshan District of Shanghai. Besides the R&D facilities above ground, there are two floors underground incorporating the parking lot, bicycle garage, civil air defense and electro-mechanical equipment room, among others. The complex covers 70,000 square meters (over 750,000 square feet).

"This installation shows how Infinova is able to help integrators bring together multiple IP and analog camera models into a coexistent solution to ensure goals for each location requirement are met affordably," affirms Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing. "When required, one operator, leveraging an Infinova large matrix switcher with 4096 channels of video input and 512 channels of video output, can control the entire system."

Depending on the application and location, multiple models of Infinova cameras are located at the entrance and exit gates on the ground floor, garage entrance and exit, underground parking lot, elevator cars, and main passageways on each floor. Based on the security goal for the locale, the complex uses Infinova V1727 IP PTZ dome cameras, V1026-1and V1028-1 fixed cameras and V5411 fixed minidome cameras.

  • Chicago,IL Apr-12,11
  • Union City, CA Feb-22,11
  • Miami, FL Mar-03,11
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