Каким образом Пляж Майами уменьшает ответственность на парковках

Video Surveillance System Provides Record of Accidents, Vandalism and Thefts\"Miami
Solution: Infinova Cameras and DVRs

The City of Miami Beach Parking Department handles street and lot parking throughout the City, including six multi-level garages. As with all parking structures, public or private, they create liability issues. Cars get vandalized, there are accidents and vehicles get stolen. When any of these things happen, it\'s the parking garage owner who typically takes the blame.

"The primary reason the Miami Beach Parking Department installed surveillance systems at their garages was to create a documentation system to offset liability claims. However, a secondary use in Miami Beach is to monitor employees, assuring that they are providing the city\'s citizens with prompt and courteous service," reports Vincent Vento, CEO of ATC International Communications (ACTi), a Miami-based security integrator with projects throughout the southeastern United States and Latin America.

In the U.S., ACTi has customers such as the Shingle Creek Resort and the Ocean One and Ocean Two luxury high rise developments, whose ads are recognized by readers of in-flight publications. In Latin America, projects include Sersaprosa, Central America\'s largest armed car carrier, Dell Computer Call Centers and Microsoft\'s Latin American offices.

According to Vento, the Parking Department has management staff in each garage using the surveillance system on a real-time basis to watch over employees working the ticket booths. They want to assure that their employees are interacting with parking garage customers in a friendly and cordial manner.

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