Infinova поставляет матричные коммутаторы и оборудование для передачи сигналов по оптоволоконному кабелю для системы частных тюрем Чили

Matrix Switchers,Fiber Optics

Infinova Integrates with Southern Microwave\'s Perimeter Control Systems to allow Warden and Administrator view cameras and fences via Internet. \"Chile
Solution: Infinova Matrix Switchers and Fiber Optics

When the Chilean Ministry of Justice and Corrections decided to implement a system by which their low and medium security correction facilities would be built and its management would be given to a private management company to handle, one of the first needs was a surveillance system. The ten private jails are located throughout the country.

Today, the facilities in the Chilean private jail system are using Infinova fiber optic video multiplexers with dual data and audio transmission and reception capabilities along with Infinova\'s 240-channel analog matrix switcher with IP output for video transmission. As a result, the jail warden and the administrator can view the matrix switcher via Internet connection.

Fiber optic transmission was chosen for this implementation because fiber uniquely preserves the quality of video signals, provides a high level of security, transmits at higher bandwidths and lower losses, and operates at distances five times greater than coaxial cable. Importantly, Infinova fiber optic products easily integrate with Southern Microwave\'s perimeter control systems, which the private jail uses to transmit audio and video images.

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